Welcome to our WEDDING

We hope you can join us in Cyprus to help celebrate our special day. On the site you’ll find information about the day, places to stay, and the Wedding Itinerary.


Tony & Charlene



April 23 1988
Charlene was born in Warrington, and grew up 5 minutes away from Tony, but their paths never crossed until they met back in 2009. She loves reality TV and moaning at Tony about being on the xbox

The Groom

May 16 1984
Tony was born in Whiston, but grew up in Warrington with his two older brothers Chris & Ste, and their parents Reg & Bev. His hobbies include Football (LFC), Fifa and beers.

Our Story


Our First Meet (as told by Tony
We went out for a drink, but Charlene decided to bring her friends along as a backup in case it didn’t go as she hoped. Luckily no excuses were made and she was hooked after 10 minutes in my presence.


Our First Holiday







We first decided we could handle 2 weeks full time in each other’s company back in 2011, when we went to Barbados on holiday; staying at the Southern Palms hotel on the beach. Those of you who know Tony know that he isn’t made for warm weather due to his bald head and pale complexion; and therefore spent 2 weeks sunburnt and complaining he was too hot. We went on a few trips – a catamaran trip where we swam with turtles, and a trip to the rum factory (not the best idea hungover)!



We went to Lanzarote with Charlene’s nan Joyce, grandad Ian, aunt Susan, uncle Gary and cousins Katie & Carl; along with their family friends.

December 2012

Between Christmas & New Year we went to Dublin for a few days. You can’t go to Dublin and not go to the Guinness factory, so after the tour we poured our own pints at the bar

June 2013

Back to Dublin


As Charlene’s birthday present, we went back to Dublin to see Michael Buble in concert, and have a mini holiday in the process.

February 2014

She said yes
ring1Valentines Day 2014 – We had planned to go to the Lakes for the weekend, so I ordered a ring to be delivered to collect on the way. On the morning, I called and found out they hadn’t got the correct size, so my plans were a mess. I confessed my plans to Charlene; so we found a local jewellers where she picked her own ring, and luckily she said “Yes” when I asked her to marry me.

June 2014

Our first home
We got the keys to our first house in June 2014

The Wedding

A brief overview of the day can be seen below, or an in depth one can be found by clicking here.

icon_gatheratchurch22:30 PM
Gather at Capo Bay
icon_idometoo23:30 PM
The “I Do’s, Me too”
icon_cocktailhour24:00 PM
Drinks & Photos
icon_dinnerisserved26:30 PM
Dinner is Served
icon_toastandcakecutting2 07:30 PM
Toasts & Cake cutting
icon_dancingbegins28:00 PM
The Party Begins
icon_cocktailhour210:00 PM
Over to the Koi Bar

# Capo Bay

Capo Bay Hotel, Protaras, Cyprus
Thank you for joining us on the big day!

icon-bridemaids2  BRIDESMAIDS


Katie Mclean

Chief Bridesmaid
Charlene’s Cousin

Bethany Ascroft

Maid of Honour
Charlene’s best friend

Emma Dalton

Charlene’s best friend

icon-groomsmen2 GROOMSMEN



Best Man




Best Man


While wedding presents are so nice
Your presence really suffice

The greatest gift is that you’ll say
You’d love to share our wedding day

Tony & Charlene